What’s next for architectural photography?

The architect and his wife are looking forward to having the beautiful home they built in their backyard restored by the National Gallery of Victoria.Michael and Christine Maitland of the Hanging Gardens, near Perth, said they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.They said they would like to keep the home, which was […]

Why the ‘Bauhaus’ is coming back to life

Architects in the ’30s and ’40s are celebrating the centenary of the iconic ‘Bausch-Ebinghaus’ in Germany.The German building was designed by architect Albert Kahn and is credited with creating a modern style that is still being admired today.Architectural photographer Christian Zumthor has done the project in collaboration with the International Society of Architectural Photography (ISAP).Zumdorf […]

Architectural alphabet photography by a group of architects

Architectural Alphabet Photography is a series of photographic essays exploring the intersections of architecture and photography, focusing on the creative process, history, and culture of the architecture of the world.Architectural Alphabet photographer Mark Schoenfeld has captured the iconic architecture of Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, and Seoul as well as the work of iconic photographers […]

Photographer: ‘The World Is Empty’ of Architecture Photography

A group of photographers has taken to the streets of Manhattan to document abandoned buildings, including the infamous “St. Patrick’s Cathedral” on Fifth Avenue.“The world is empty of architecture photography.No buildings exist that are not abandoned,” photographer James McNeill said in a statement.“There are many buildings that are abandoned, and I don’t want to use […]

When the best architecture photographers are no longer around, what’s next for you?

From the moment we started designing buildings in the 1970s, architecture photographers have been a vital part of the visual arts.They are one of the most visible and enduring ways that art is presented, and in some ways they’re still relevant.But as architects and landscape photographers increasingly face extinction, they are facing a dilemma: What […]

When the world is a theatre of our imagination, the architectural photographer captures it all with his photographs

Auckland architecture is known for its stunning architecture, and one of the best examples of this is the iconic Te Papa.While the building itself is only about 10 metres tall, its façade is made up of a series of vertical ribbons that run along its length.These ribbons form an architectural illusion, making the building look […]

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