‘Travis: A Man Built Like a Horse’: An Architectural Photography Masterclass by Travis Stieglitz

An architectural photographer’s life is built around documenting his or her environment, from the architecture itself to the architecture around it.

This process is what leads us to the art and the images we capture.

This is the core of photography and what is known as architectural photography.

But what is the difference between architecture and photography?

And how can architects learn from each other?

In this interview, architectural photographer Travis Steglitz discusses his process, his thoughts on the art form, and what it’s like to be a photographer in Minneapolis.

You’re a professional photographer, right?

What do you enjoy most about this field?

When I first started out, photography was like, a hobby.

I would have a friend or family member shoot something for me.

I really enjoyed the spontaneity and the freedom to be creative with what I was shooting.

I could just walk into the room and go, “Alright, what would this look like?”

It was a very open and creative process.

Now, that’s not to say I can’t still be creative.

I love getting a picture of something I’m not sure I can really describe.

I can get a shot of a wall, and I’m like, “That looks pretty cool.”

It’s not like I’m going to have a plan or an idea about what I want to photograph and I know how to get that shot.

What I can say is that there is something to be said about getting a shot that you really like.

It’s about taking the time to actually get your hands dirty and try to capture something that you can’t see.

It’s interesting that architecture is an art form that is so difficult to capture.

I mean, we have so many different ways of getting a look at a building that are not necessarily in the same space.

There’s a lot of different ways to photograph a building, so it’s really important to know how you approach the task of photographing an architectural project.

I was fortunate to work with a few architects that have a lot to say about the importance of photograpying their projects, like Michael M. Smith, who is a great photographer.

I’ve also been fortunate to collaborate with a lot other architects and photographers that have been really good at capturing their projects in the field.

I think that’s a very unique way to photograph architecture.

It makes a lot more sense if you can understand the architecture, the materials, the architecture’s history.

It is not just a project where you’re just going to put together an architectural photograph.

It can be a collaborative project.

And it’s also important to understand the design, the design philosophy, and the intentions behind the project.

How do you approach an architecture project?

What are the requirements of an architect to be able to photograph an architect’s work?

What would it take to achieve an architectural portrait?

I think architecture can be quite a collaborative endeavor, and so I would say that an architect is more than capable of doing that.

They can have an architect come in and sit down with them and they can just sit down and start shooting.

So, there are a lot things that a photographer has to be aware of.

One of the things that architects have to take into consideration is, “What do we really need to photograph?”

What kind of light is the best?

What kind is it to make the composition?

What materials are we going to use?

I’m just trying to take advantage of those aspects of the process to get the best shots possible.

I have a couple of tips for photographers who want to get into architectural photography: If you don’t know the architecture or you don�t have any architectural photography experience, you should really take the time and have a good idea of what the architectural landscape is like.

If you have some architectural photography background, then you should just try to take the pictures that you think are the best for your project.

If the shots don’t work, then it’s time to go back and look at the work that you have done before and figure out what’s going wrong.

The way I photograph my work, I try to make sure I have the best lighting, and then I try and make sure that everything looks right on the camera.

I try not to use too many lights and try and not to go overboard.

It helps you to have the right kind of lighting in the right places.

It gives you the best results, and that’s what I really try to do.

You have a website called ArchitecturePhotography.com, and you’re doing a series called The Architectural Photographer.

What are some of the challenges you face in photographing the buildings in your series?

There are a number of challenges, because they are very different from photographing a building.

I’m trying to get as many images as I can, but there are other issues.

So I think photographing these buildings, which

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