How the UK government is using a loophole in EU law to protect cryptocurrency assets

By John Dickson | 02 August 2017 | 06:11:57It is no secret that Britain has some of the most draconian laws around the world when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

The government has a number of laws in place which are meant to prevent people using cryptocurrencies for illicit purposes, and there are numerous others which are aimed at stopping money laundering, terrorist financing, money laundering and illegal trade.

But in the case of the UK, the government has been able to circumvent the laws on a number different fronts, and now the country is trying to pass new legislation to protect those who are using cryptocurrency in the country.

As reported by The Guardian, the UK has now become the first country in Europe to introduce a new law to give its citizens the right to buy and sell cryptocurrency in their own name.

Under the legislation, any digital currency exchange will be able to register as an authorised cryptocurrency exchange, and the new legislation also allows for individuals to trade in and out of cryptocurrency via an online exchange.

The legislation was passed by the UK Parliament last week, and it will now go to the Prime Minister for approval.

The legislation states that the exchange is a ‘digital currency exchanger’, meaning that it must be established in the UK or the UK-registered cryptocurrency exchange must be a registered company.

It also means that an individual can be given the right of first refusal to buy or sell digital currencies.

The proposed legislation has been supported by the British government and the cryptocurrency industry, with the latter arguing that it will give businesses an incentive to stay in the sector.

The British government has also been pushing for a similar change in Europe, which will make it illegal to sell digital currency without being licensed by the regulator.

Cryptocurrency regulation in the USThe US is currently experiencing a boom in cryptocurrency activity, with bitcoin trading volumes rising from about $1,100 in October 2016 to more than $5,500 today.

There is even a cryptocurrency trading company called Coinbase, which allows people to sell and buy digital currencies, which have seen prices skyrocket since the rise in cryptocurrency demand.

It has even led to the US government imposing restrictions on how people can use cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is currently trading at around $2,800, but the price has been on a steady rise since December.

There have also been reports that US-based exchanges are experiencing significant losses due to a lack of trading volume.

In response to these rising prices, the US is attempting to regulate the market, with new regulations being introduced in order to limit the amount of money that can be made in cryptocurrencies and also protect the cryptocurrency from abuse.

Currently, it is illegal to trade cryptocurrency without having a license, but it is unclear what these restrictions will look like if the new law is passed, and how the UK will respond to this.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to see a significant rise in the cryptocurrency market in 2017, and many people believe the move to a regulated market is one of the factors that caused the price of cryptocurrencies to rise.

However, some people are not buying this theory, as many cryptocurrency traders are buying the idea that the UK’s move to regulate cryptocurrencies is a good thing.

According to Bloomberg, it will allow more users to participate in the market in the short term.

The UK government and some businesses are trying to limit cryptocurrency transactions as well, with some saying that this will be a boon to businesses that do not want to compete with international markets.

This has been a major factor in the rise of digital currencies and is also why some businesses that operate outside the US are looking to sell their services in the region, with many looking to expand internationally in the future.

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