Which architecture photography films are worth checking out?

The first wave of architectural photography documentaries from the likes of Richard Branson and Richard Muscat were well received and garnered some buzz from the public, but the second wave has taken a lot more time to catch on.

Many of these films have been edited, but not every film has been.

This is where we come in, looking to find out which architecture photography documentary is worth a look.

Here are the top five.


Richard Bransons ‘Architecture Photography’ Richard Brons films his architecture photography.

The film has taken over 10 years to make, and it’s a testament to the quality of the footage he has captured that it has managed to live up to the hype and acclaim it received.

In its own right, Richard Brants films his architectural photography from his apartment in the early 90s, but its also his first architectural photography film and has been used as the basis for many of his other projects.

In the early days of architecture photography, you had to go to the city to film a project and get permission from the local authorities.

Nowadays you can go to any building you want to film and get a building licence in the UK, which is great news for everyone who loves to film.

A great way to see a building is to get a camera on it, get a film in, and start snapping pictures.

A good example of this is the Branson Studios in London.

This building has been in use for almost 10 years, and there are still some lovely views of the city it’s in.

A few of Richard’s other films also feature his apartment, including the one below, which was filmed in 1995.

The Branson Studio, London, 1995.

Richard has been shooting in London since 1996, and his videos have captured many iconic buildings and locations.

Richard’s buildings are a perfect starting point to explore other architectural photography sites in London and beyond.

The first of his architecture films was entitled ‘London’s Biggest Modern Buildings’, which was released in 2003.

Richard also shot the ‘London Architecture Week’ film in 2010, which featured some of his favourite buildings.

You can find a complete list of his films and other archival footage on his website.

A big thank you to Richard Brancons for giving us this opportunity to take a look at his films, and hopefully, give some inspiration to others to take up the same dream.

Architecture Photography has been published by The Architectural Digest since 2014.

This film is available to view here.

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