How to choose the best photograph of the year (with an image gallery)

Google News title Google announces a new feature for Google News: You can now pin photos to your timeline.

article Google has introduced a new, Google News pin feature for its news app that lets users pin photos from their timelines to their favorites for easy viewing.

Users can pin the same photo to their timeline from the top of the page or from the bottom of the app, and the pinned photo will appear in their timeline in a single location on their home screen.

The new feature is a result of an “overwhelming demand for quick and convenient sharing of your most important images,” a Google spokesperson told The Verge.

Users have long been able to pin their photos to the top and bottom of their timelines, but the company says it was trying to give users a better way to share and share the content of their own work.

“People are now looking for ways to share their photos with other people and with their friends,” the spokesperson said.

“We have made it easy to do that on Google News.”

The pin feature will be available for Android and iOS users in the coming weeks, but Google says it will be rolled out to other platforms as well.

For those who want to take a break from Google News, Google is introducing a new “gallery” section in the News app for people who are interested in learning more about photography, architecture, architecture photography, and photography.

There are a number of photography related news topics that will appear on the new gallery, and Google says that a selection of the best images will appear within each gallery.

“The gallery will also feature the best architecture photos,” the company said.

Users can now choose from a selection, including landscape, landscape portrait, urban, and photo studio.

The photos can be found on the Photos app and can be shared through Google Photos, Google Drive, Google+ Hangouts, and other means.

Google also added a “pin to your home screen” feature to the News apps.

Users will be able to swipe up on the home screen to open a “Pin to home” menu.

When the app opens, the app will show the photo on the left and the pin icon on the right.

When a user swipes up, they will get an additional option that will show their pinned photo on their main home screen and a “Save to Pin” button on the bottom.

The Google News app now supports multiple photo albums.

Users also have access to a new pin tool for archiving their photos.

Users now have the option to pin multiple photos to a single home screen, and users can pin multiple photo groups to one home screen for easier sharing and sharing to other Google users.

Google News has been a mainstay of Android since its launch in 2012, and it is widely considered to be one of the most reliable and popular news apps for Android users.

In 2016, Google launched a feature that lets people quickly share their most important content with their peers.

It also added an “archive” feature for archival purposes.

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