When a Palestinian man tries to take down a statue of Jesus in Jerusalem

An Israeli-Palestinian construction company plans to take out the Jerusalem monument of the Jewish god of war in order to build a housing complex.

The company is planning to demolish the statue of Moses in the Old City in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, an official said Wednesday.

The building will be built on top of the remains of the ancient temple.

In the 1960s, Israel demolished a statue in the Palestinian town of Beit Jala, which is also the site of a mosque, that was dedicated to the Jewish savior.

A petition was launched to save the statue and, in 2009, a committee appointed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the demolition.

The committee decided to replace the statue with a large monument, with its base placed at the top of a hill.

The committee also recommended that the new statue be made of bronze, the most durable form of bronze available.

The new statue, which will be unveiled in November, will have a golden base and the name “God of the Jews,” with the words “God” and “the” written on its forehead.

The name “Moses” will be carved into the base of the statue, and the inscription “In memory of Moses the prophet and prophet of Israel.”

The committee was also told to consider whether to replace some of the pillars of the temple with the remains and to make them taller.

The Jerusalem Post newspaper said that the construction company, called the Hebron Foundation, will demolish some of its projects and that it has begun a project to build several other buildings in the West Bank.

The newspaper said the construction companies’ project has already been approved by the government and that the ministry of building and planning will decide whether to proceed with the project.

The Hebron foundation is owned by the local branch of the Israeli settler movement, the Yesh Atid party.

The city council voted in January to demolishing the Moses statue in protest against its removal.

The city’s municipal building committee passed a resolution last week calling on the council to stop the demolition and to stop all projects in the city that would harm the environment, the environment and the people, the committee said.

The Yesh Asid party and the settler group’s mayor, Yariv Levin, have also called for the destruction of the Moses monument.

The Israeli government has denied the allegations.

The Israel Antiquities Authority, which administers the Antiquities Act, will decide on the fate of the new Moses statue, a spokesperson said.

The agency is a cabinet-level agency, with authority to issue permits for the removal of monuments.

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