Why RTE would love to get behind commercial architecture in Ireland

RTE’s commercial architecture project is already in the process of winning funding from the National Landmark Fund.

Its been one of the highlights of the week for RTE and its local broadcaster and is part of an ongoing campaign to showcase the potential of the Irish architecture industry in a digital age.

Its also a project that is helping to promote the wider field of architectural design, which is now one of Ireland’s fastest-growing industries.

The RTE team have worked with Dublin-based architectural firm, Halsey Architects, who are currently working with the Department of Transport, Government Buildings and the National Centre for Regional and International Studies (NCIS).

They have also worked with the Irish Land Registry to ensure the building is properly registered.

The project has been selected as a candidate for National Landmarks in the UK, but is currently being assessed by the National Historic Register, which determines whether it qualifies as a landmark.

This is due to the fact that it is the first commercial building in Ireland to be built on the site of a former public house.

The building, which was completed in the 1980s, has a spectacular glass façade, with its iconic wooden stairs and the famous glass roof which is a nod to the historic architecture of the time.

In order to make the building fit the National Register criteria, the architect is using a “post-construction” approach to ensure it remains open to the public.

It will be located in a residential building on the north side of Rathmines, which has a population of 1,100 people.

The design team is also looking at other buildings in the area to ensure that it remains safe for people to enter and exit the building, and that the structure will be accessible to visitors.

A special exhibition of the project is currently taking place in Rathmine, where the architects will be working with other heritage groups to help them plan a public event that will be open to all, including the public and those visiting from outside the community.

A project that has been a highlight of the RTE network in recent years, the commercial architecture film, ‘The Irish Architecture Company’, is now going to have its UK premiere at the National Theatre in London on October 20th.

This week’s event is also one of a number of film screenings that will take place across the country over the next few weeks.

The Irish landscape is in need of a lot of work, and the Rte team have been working tirelessly to make sure the landscape is preserved for future generations.RTE’s project will feature a variety of topics including the future of the rural landscape and the needs of the community, which will be highlighted through the use of natural light and video.

The programme will be shown live from the cinema box, so please tune in to RTE.

Online:  www.rt.ie/live-broadcast

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