Why the ‘Bauhaus’ is coming back to life

Architects in the ’30s and ’40s are celebrating the centenary of the iconic ‘Bausch-Ebinghaus’ in Germany.

The German building was designed by architect Albert Kahn and is credited with creating a modern style that is still being admired today.

Architectural photographer Christian Zumthor has done the project in collaboration with the International Society of Architectural Photography (ISAP).

Zumdorf has been photographing the iconic building since 2004.

He is known for his images that capture the architecture’s evolution from simple concrete-clad structures to complex structures that have changed their shape over time.

“The ‘Bauerhaus’ has been my favorite architect to photograph because it represents the entire evolution of architectural style from the early days of concrete to the new structures,” Zumdor said.

“It is one of my favorite architecture to photograph.”

He has been documenting the buildings in the past few years.

The new images were posted to his Instagram account last week.

“As architects we can see that the new architectural style is not only a change of style, it is a change in function,” he said.

He said the new style “can be seen as an extension of the style of the old Bauhaus and that is something that the whole profession should take notice of.”

“As we come to understand and appreciate the work of the Bauhs and how they were able to achieve what they did, the new work that has taken place in Germany should be celebrated as well,” he added.

Zumtor said his new images show a new look for the ‘Berlin’ building, which was the site of the Nazi Party headquarters in the city from the end of the Second World War until the late 1960s.

“We see a very different and fresh, yet also very old architecture in this image,” he told CBC News.

Zumdtorf said he was inspired to document the building after he took a photo of the façades of the former office building in the district of Neukölln. “

Also the new construction around the courtyard, the addition of a new balcony, the modern façade, the glass facade, the balconies that are being constructed, the columns that are in place, the stairways, the lighting, and also the lighting in the building itself.”

Zumdtorf said he was inspired to document the building after he took a photo of the façades of the former office building in the district of Neukölln.

He noticed that the old building had been replaced with a new structure with a more modern look.

“I realized that the office building was not only the building of the political party, but also the office of the people, and that in the process of building the office, a whole new set of people were also being introduced to it,” he explained.

The Berlin building is a landmark that has become known for its architecture and its importance in German history.

“When you visit it, you don’t see the building,” Zamtor added.

“You see the favelas of the neighborhood that it sits on.

You can see the new façading, but it is all there.” “

So you can feel the building and the faubourgs that it has become and you see the old facade.

You can see the new façading, but it is all there.”

The building is part of a large urban redevelopment project that includes a shopping mall, a park, and the construction of the city’s tallest skyscraper.

Zamdorf said the project will also bring about the renovation of the existing façaded structure.

He plans to take his project to the U.S. The project is part on the U

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