Month: August 2021

How to use the new digital tools in your work: Architectural photography

Detailing architectural photography has become a highly lucrative business, with some artists earning upwards of $5,000 per month.It’s no longer just for architects, either: In 2015, an online-only exhibition in New York called The Architecture of the Modern World sold for more than $400,000 at auction.Architectural photographers have also gained an increasing profile, thanks to […]

‘Architectural Photography’ video shows how architecture can be captured using software

Architecture photography is one of the oldest forms of photography, dating back to the earliest images that were taken by the ancient Egyptians.This is a popular field of study in architecture photography because it’s an accessible medium that is accessible to the general public.As with any art form, it is still in its infancy and […]

‘No. 1,’ ‘No.’ in New York Times Magazine’s ‘Architectural Photography Awards’ 2018

Architectural Photography has long been recognized as one of the most prestigious photography awards.But now, the winners of the 2018 Architectural Photographs of the Year Awards are no longer in the top 10 list.Instead, they are in the middle of the pack.In the Top 10 Photographer of the Century category, the new winner, photographer David […]

Photographer: ‘Architecture of the Gods’ is a haunting masterpiece

Architects, photographers, designers and art lovers all have their own take on the building of a cathedral.But when it comes to the image of the cathedral, there’s a whole lot of work to be done.And this is where photographer Ryan T. Toth’s work has helped to make it one of the most compelling in the […]

How do you find the right architect for your project?

The title of this article has been removed for copyright reasons.The article is still available for reference purposes.The following images are available for use:A photo illustration of an architect’s office.The Architectural Photography Degree is a master’s degree in Architecture that focuses on the study of the design, construction, and installation of buildings.Architectural Photography is an […]

Why don’t architects design buildings in India?

It was only last year that I attended the Architectural and Urban Design (AED) seminar at the Delhi University of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAUS).At the seminar, which was organized by the National Institute of Design and Built Environment (NIDBI), we had a chance to meet many well-known architects and designers from across the country, […]

Architects create stunning designs for Honolulu’s Olympic Village

Architects created stunning designs in Honolulu’s new Olympic Village during the International Architecture Biennale, according to the Architectural Photography Association of Hawaii.The organization showcased some of the work they did during the biennial.They created a new house in the Olympic Village that resembles a giant clock and a giant statue of the Hawaiian Goddess of […]

Which is the Best Video Game to Play with a Stranger?

By: Sarah LeBlancThe video game world is full of stories that make it easy to be lost in a strange new world, and one that is still struggling to adapt to the changes of modern times.We’re not talking about a bunch of people who are always on a quest for adventure or who are just […]

Architecture Photographer Says No to Building a House on the Ground Source Google News

Architectural photographer Vijay Dharia has said no to building a house on the ground, according to reports.Mr Dhar, who has worked in architecture for over 20 years, told NDTV he was asked to help construct a house by the owner of a property.He said: “He said that he is not interested in a house that […]

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