How to make a super-fast and lightweight 3D printable model of the Sydney Opera House

Architectural photographer Jonathan McAllister has been working with his team to create a super fast 3D printed model of Sydney’s Opera House.

The design, entitled ‘Super-Fast 3D Printing: The Opera House’, is a collaboration between the Sydney Design Academy and the Australian Architecture Museum.

The project was completed by McAllisters team in the last few weeks and the result was an impressive 3D model of a roof, which has a projected height of 1,600 metres.

“It’s the largest building in the world and there’s a massive amount of work required to create this,” McAllsons designer, Paul McAlpine, told The Australian.

The plan for the model was to be printed on a standard 3D printer and then assembled and mounted on the roof using a combination of a hydraulic press and a 3D-printed 3D object.

“We wanted to make the model of one of the largest buildings in the city,” McAlpines team said.

“So the model had to be large enough to contain the building and also be small enough that it could be printed in the same way as any ordinary model, which meant it needed to be lightweight.”

“We thought we would have the model printed on paper so we could take it to a local printer, but it turned out we had a very good 3D printing printer, so we printed it on a 3-D printer.”

“It was the first time we’d used a 3d printer to print something like this,” he said.

The model was then mounted onto a wall, allowing the team to test it on the building.

“Our model had been printed to be a single sheet of paper, but we had to scale it to print the roof and the windows.”

When you print a building you’ve got to scale that down to fit, and once we got the size of the model correct, we could scale it down to just about any scale you can print on a printer.

“The roof was printed on flat paper and we then printed it with the model in it.”

Then we then had to attach the model to the building.

“It’s a design inspired by a model of London’s Hyde Park which the team created to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Blitz in the summer of 1945.

The team took the design from a photo of the roof of the Hyde Park, which was taken during the Blitz, and used the design to build the model.”

The design was made from a variety of different materials and was finished using a variety from a range of materials including paper, acrylics, ABS, and plastic.””

I really love the scale of the building so I had to recreate the scale.”

The design was made from a variety of different materials and was finished using a variety from a range of materials including paper, acrylics, ABS, and plastic.

“For the glass, I made sure it was a glass that was super thin,” McEldern said.”[It] was a real challenge to get it right because the glass used in the model is very, very light and I wanted it to be as lightweight as possible.”

“But it was also a great challenge to print out because the model would have to be very precise to match the glass it was printed with.”

The model is currently being printed and it will be unveiled at the Sydney Architecture Photography Awards on March 20.

“If you are a fan of buildings and you love to see them in a 3DR [3D printing], then this model is for you,” McEspham said.

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