Architects who designed Tokyo’s Sargent Tower say the building has changed the face of architecture

Architects who worked on Tokyo’s iconic Sargen Tower say it has changed architecture in the past decade, but they’re confident the building’s iconic facade is still standing strong.

Takahiro Uchida, who designed the tower from 1988 to 1992, says the tower’s original shape, with a single, high-rise roof, was not meant to stand up to its current stature.

It’s a great idea that’s been built up in its original form, but we have to be careful because it could be in danger of becoming outdated,” Uchada said, speaking with Business Insider.”

I was not a fan of the way the tower had been constructed and was looking for something different.

“The architect, who was born in Tokyo in 1957, says it was not just a matter of a single roof line but the way it was built that influenced his work on the tower.”

It was not only the height of the tower but also the form that the roof lines were formed,” he said.”

When I looked at the original plans, I thought, ‘I can’t do that’.

“So, he and his team designed an entirely different design.

They designed the building in a way that created a new kind of “structure” for the tower, with new windows that were not just glass but glass that was flexible.”

The glass was made from materials that were more resilient than the steel that’s inside the tower,” he explained.”

This allows us to change the roof shape to a different form, something that is easier to build, and it allows us a lot of flexibility in terms of how the building is designed.

“Uchida said the tower was a major design moment for the Japanese architect, but he said the design did not have the same impact on the world as it did on the architect.”

At the time, there was a huge amount of excitement and excitement in the design world,” he continued.”

In fact, the whole design world is celebrating this event.

“However, it took decades for the Sargens to be a success, and for Uchidas and his design team to work on their latest project, a new skyscraper called Kajiki Tower, on a much larger scale.

Kajiki, which opened in June, is the tallest building in Japan.

The tower was designed by Yoshiki Ogura, who also designed the Satsuma Tower in Tokyo, and includes the distinctive Sargento facade, which is now the world’s tallest building.

Ogura told Business Insider the tower has a very different design than Sargents.”

That facade is different,” he told Business 101.”

So it’s the difference between the Saguenay Tower, which was a beautiful tower, and the Sargo Tower.

“They are all very different buildings.”

Oguras said he wanted to make something that was a true tower that had a unique and memorable design.

“There is no other way to say it,” he added.

“What we have achieved is an extraordinary tower that we hope will be a symbol of Tokyo, Japan.”

Kajikis tower is now being built, and he hopes the building will change the face not just of architecture, but also urban design.

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