A unique photo series from France that will change the way we look at architecture

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES–(Marketwired – Aug 22, 2018) – The cover of this week’s issue of Architectural Photography magazine features the work of acclaimed photographer Sebastien Furet, an international award winner and a world renowned architect.

Furegre has produced work for leading international architects including Louis Kahn and David Auerbach, among others.

He has also won the prestigious AIA award for architecture in Europe and the American Academy of Arts and Design (AAAD) prestigious Architectural Design of the Year award. 

“I think that’s the most important thing,” said Furere.

“A photographer has to understand what the architect is doing and why, because it gives you a new perspective.

When you photograph a room or building, you see it in a new way.

I’ve never worked with an architect and never imagined that I would be photographing them in the future.” 

“The images in this issue are the best I’ve ever seen,” said Edith McNeil, who has photographed the works of architects David A. Geffen, Frank Gehry and Thomas Herzog. 

The cover features Furegar’s photos of an office tower that sits in the middle of a residential neighborhood. 

Furegret’s first project, a six-story office tower in New York’s Financial District, was completed in 1983. 

He was asked to photograph the building for his book “Architecture,” which he describes as a visual record of his career. 

I think he captured the city in a way that is very personal,” said McNeil. 

This image of the Manhattan office tower, which was completed over the course of five years, was created in 1982 by Furegt. 

It’s a beautiful building, but the architect really made it into a living room with a view, he said. 

In this image, Furega shows the view of the city from the building, which is situated just across the street from his home. 

An image of a group of children enjoying the day, which he made during his internship, shows a group that includes a boy, a girl, and two adults. 

 Fusegar’s series of portraits of buildings and architects is one of a series of images he has taken from the collection of the French architect Henri Matisse. 

Matisse is considered one of the most influential and influential architects of the 20th century. 

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