Why I’m no longer an architectural photographer

The story behind my choice to no longer be an architect is an interesting one.

It started in 2009, when I was approached by a friend who wanted to do a photography project about an ancient Greek statue in a temple in the southern part of Jerusalem.

The story of this project is an intriguing one, because it was the first time I had seen the image of a Greek statue, and I realised that it would be interesting to have a discussion about its history and how it came to be there in the first place.

The project involved me walking the streets of Jerusalem, looking at a variety of artefacts from around the world, and interviewing various people who had a personal connection to the statue.

I also got to know some of the locals who had lived there for generations, so I learnt a lot about their history, culture and architecture.

I was excited about this project because it allowed me to share the story of a statue, which, if anything, was my first exposure to the concept of archaeology.

Archaeology is an art, which is a term used to describe an area of interest that was originally occupied by people, and it is a way of studying the past, and of creating an understanding of the people who inhabited that area.

The archaeological field has a long history, and the field has its roots in the Greek civilisation of Greece.

The word “archaeology” itself is derived from the Greek word “arche” meaning “to seek out”.

For most people, the word archae is a neutral term used for everything that has to do with ancient cultures and societies, but for me, it has become the term I use to describe my work.

I’ve been doing archaeology since I was a child, and my interest in ancient cultures is well-established.

The image that I created was inspired by a number of different archaeological sites around the globe, and when I got to Jerusalem, I was very interested in the site of the statue, because there was a statue of a god sitting at the entrance of the temple.

I thought that the statue should be there, and that it should be known as the “goddess statue”.

The reason I chose the name “godess statue” is that it is one of the few statues in the world that you can actually see from the street.

It is a statue that you cannot really see, but you can clearly see the faces of the two people that created it.

When you look at it, you see two people in the temple, and a god standing next to them.

I’ve always loved statues.

It’s one of those things where you’re just fascinated by them, but it’s also one of my favourite things to do.

It has a huge cultural significance.

I grew up in a very Jewish family, and there’s a strong connection to that.

I think that’s the reason why I really liked the idea of a “gods statue”.

I’m a Greek citizen and I have a family that is Jewish.

So I know that the Greek gods are the same thing.

They have a very clear image.

It was a bit of a surprise to me that there’s no statue of an actual god.

I felt that I could go there and make a statue out of that image, but I didn’t know how to do it.

It was also a bit frustrating to see that there wasn’t a statue in the main temple in Jerusalem that I wanted to make, because the statue of the god had already been made in the previous temple.

So, I had to go to a new temple.

So, I went to the Temple Mount, and asked to make a bronze statue of my god.

And when I looked at it from the side, I thought, “That’s a lot better than the statue that was sitting in the entrance.”

I went back to the temple and I made a statue for the temple entrance, but from the inside it was pretty ugly, so the temple asked me to make it more modern, so it’s more modern.

I took a lot of pictures, but in the end I just couldn’t make one of them.

It took a long time to finish it, and then I went back and took it to a gallery.

I’m very interested to see what other people do with these images, because they tell stories about history.

They are not just images of a piece of artwork.

They’re a narrative.

The stories that these people tell have a meaning to them, and so it is interesting to see how they can tell stories with these photos.

It gives you an insight into what it means to be an archaeologist.

This is a bit similar to what I’ve done for other projects.

For instance, the story behind the story about the statue I created in Athens, for instance, is a story about a family who had to move from their home in Athens to Jerusalem in order to get permission to rebuild their house.

They had been living there for thousands of

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