Why don’t architects design buildings in India?

It was only last year that I attended the Architectural and Urban Design (AED) seminar at the Delhi University of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAUS).

At the seminar, which was organized by the National Institute of Design and Built Environment (NIDBI), we had a chance to meet many well-known architects and designers from across the country, and learn about the challenges facing them as they try to take on this task.

I had to share my thoughts on why the AED seminar is not a “gimmick” and why architects and design teams need to learn how to design buildings from scratch.

As we learned from the students, the main reason behind the absence of architects designing buildings in the country is lack of funding. 

For the next few years, we will have to wait and see if funding will be enough to design in the way we want. 

We are not building this dream, but we are just waiting for the funds to come in.

This is because our funding is going to be in the range of Rs 10,000-Rs 15,000 per project, depending on the size of the project and the number of architects involved.

For instance, the Bollywood-based Kallipura Design Academy’s Rs 1,500 crore Panchayati Raj projects are not being funded, as the government has given it only Rs 5,000 crore.

This means that our dream is not going to come true for another five years, especially as we need to pay back our debt to the government.

It is also worth noting that this year’s Panchrayati Raj grants were awarded in October. 

I also asked a few questions regarding the reasons behind the lack of architectural funding in the last few years. 

Why do architects do not design buildings?

One of the main reasons is that they do not have the resources to design them. 

What are the biggest challenges facing architects and developers?

For the most part, they do their best to follow the architecture guidelines laid down by government agencies and NGOs, but in some cases they are doing things that are against the guidelines, which are detrimental to their vision.

The most notable example is when we had the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to design a road in Mumbai, but the NHAI failed to ensure the proper design of the road and in the end, the road was deemed as a “technical hazard” that could not be made safer. 

Also, many of the architects and planners are not aware of the fact that they are not legally required to design, plan and build infrastructure in their respective states.

They are not required to provide the detailed specifications that are needed for the construction of the infrastructure.

They need to provide specifications only for the building itself.

This leaves the architects with no idea of how to get their design ideas across to the states where they work. 

How can I support the architectural profession? 

It is important to understand that the profession is very strong in India.

We have an architect-in-residence program in each of our states.

We also have a National Architectural Institute (NAI) which provides training and technical support for architects and engineers.

But what we need is a strong professional body that can also help us in making the design of buildings better. 

Where do we go from here?

The Indian architect community is still in a difficult situation.

There are many professionals who are still in their early 20s, and many who are in their 40s.

They may be employed by large firms or even have some professional connections that could help them in getting their work approved.

The problem is that the professionals do not understand the new guidelines.

For example, the NIDBI has been working on the development of guidelines for the design process for many years now, and they are trying to implement them, but there is a lack of clarity. 

However, the AID seminar did highlight the need to have a professional body to help the profession and the people who work in it.

The AED is a chance for the profession to learn from the professionals and educate them.

In this way, we can make sure that our profession is not ignored, and that the quality of the architectural design is not degraded. 

It has been reported that the number one reason for lack of funds for architecture in the state is the lack, or inability, of qualified architects.

There have been several instances where architects and planning officials were not able to find suitable projects and could not design the buildings, which were then submitted to the state government. 

In addition, some of the most popular projects in the cities like Pune, Mumbai and Ahmedabad are not built. 

As a consequence, architects are having to design smaller and smaller projects in order to meet the need of these cities.

In Pune alone, there are a few hundred projects that need to be redesigned every year.

This also leads to the loss of

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