Architects, architects, architects: The architect who inspired the ‘Bubble’

By Brian DicksonPublished October 05, 2019 10:18:29The architecture of the world is constantly evolving.

Its not always a static thing, but when we see a trend, its interesting.

The Bubble is an architectural landmark that has been an icon of Hong Kong for years.

In its current incarnation, the Bubble is Hong Kong’s flagship building and its been used for a number of years, with its own version of the logo appearing in the form of an umbrella, with the city’s skyline dotted with its distinctive bubble.

While the structure has been a constant fixture of Hongkong’s skyline since at least the 1960s, the city has always had its own take on the Bubble.

Its origins lie in the early 1970s when the then-secretive Chinese Communist Party (CCP) opened the first of many public buildings to the public.

A number of designers came to Hong Kong from overseas and sought to create a blueprint for a new architectural form.

These include the architects of the Hong Kong International Architecture Fair in 1976, which was one of the first public buildings in the city to open its doors.

The Bubble has always been a symbol of Hong KONG’s future.

Its original design by architect Richard Aixmann was designed as a large, circular tower, with a dome, surrounded by a circular garden.

This inspired the modern interpretation of the Bubble, with an inner ring, with multiple tiers of windows, and the dome’s domes being the focal point.

This was the blueprint for what would become the Bubble Garden, which sits in front of the building.

This is one of only a handful of buildings in Hong Kong to use a similar design for its structure, with many others using the same design in different ways.

The design was a major success, with most of the public wanting to see the city become a model for the rest of the globe.

In the early 1990s, architect John Gai, the architect responsible for the original Bubble Garden in Hong Kong, started looking at how the city could become a hub of international architecture.

In 2001, Hong Kong opened its first International Architecture Exhibition.

This was followed by the creation of a new architecture firm, which would take over the Bubble building and the surrounding space, called “Panda” Architecture.

The Panda Architecture firm had the opportunity to work with a number international firms, including the Chinese company, CIMB, which is the lead firm in HongKong.

This led to an initial agreement to design the building, which the firm had created.

The team had a number challenges in designing the building; it needed to consider everything from the structure’s shape to its location.

In addition, it had to ensure that it was functional in terms of the architecture and its design, both of which were crucial for its success.

The building itself was initially completed in 1997, but after a number years of work, the building underwent several major renovations.

The first major overhaul was in 2003, when the original bubble-shaped facade was replaced by a much more rectangular and geometric design.

The building also underwent many other changes, including a series of upgrades to the interior, which allowed for a greater degree of openness.

A new dome, a new lobby, and a new roof made the building a much bigger and more welcoming building.

In 2006, the main facade was also removed to allow for a more open space.

Hong Kong’s first building to have the name ‘BUBBLE’ was also the first to be built by a Chinese firm, Cimb, which came about because of a number design elements from the original design.

It is estimated that about 500,000 people live in Hong kong and are involved in the design and construction of its public buildings.

With the introduction of the new building, the design team went to work on how the public could benefit from this unique building.

The result is the Bubble House, which will house the new development.

One of the major components of the design of the hotel was the concept of a “bubbly bubble”.

When a building is opened, the water level inside the building increases and creates a buoyant effect that attracts people to stay longer.

The building is also designed to provide people with a sense of privacy, and has been described as being a “bubble in your heart”.

This unique structure has also been known as a “crowdpleaser”, and has inspired many a design project.

In addition to the Bubble Houses, HongKongs first skyscraper was completed in 2002, which featured a more circular design, and included a number more features that would become incorporated into future buildings.

It was a time when Hong Kong was in a very strong financial position, with large construction projects in the pipeline.

A number of these projects were being undertaken at the same time, and it would seem that the Bubble was a perfect solution for these projects.

A number different companies and individuals worked on the building in the late 90s

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