‘Cocktail Party’ at a New York City bar is the best way to end a party

In a city known for its partying, a cocktail party at the Hotel du Soleil in the Upper East Side of New York is the most appropriate way to wrap up a busy weekend.

“It’s just the perfect thing to end the weekend with, especially after so many years of partying,” the hotel’s president told Business Insider on Wednesday.

“It’s a celebration of what the city has to offer.”

So what’s a New Yorker to do when they’ve got the party to end all parties?

That’s where “The Cocktail Party” comes in.

The party was held at the hotel for the first time on Tuesday, but it has already been celebrated worldwide, as the hotel has become one of the first in the country to offer a cocktail bar.

In the past, the bar has hosted parties in other cities including Toronto, Miami, San Francisco, Miami Beach and New York.

The bar is also one of only a handful of cocktail bars in the US that allows customers to order their drinks on-the-spot.

While the bar serves only cocktails, guests are able to bring their own drinks to the bar, which includes beer, vodka, and cocktails.

They can also bring their family members or friends for a “happy hour.”

For a $40 per person, the hotel is offering an all-you-can-drink drink buffet.

It also offers a complimentary bottle of wine and a limited-edition cocktail for every bottle purchased.

The bar has been in business since 2014.

But it was only last year that the bar was expanded to the Upper West Side, and now the bar is offering a party to the entire city on Tuesday night.

The hotel has set a goal of hosting a cocktail cocktail party every night at least twice a month for the next 10 years.

“This is a huge milestone for us,” Hotel du Sol has said.

“We’re a bit shocked that people can come here, come here every night, and not be disappointed.”

The bar will also host a number of special events, including a silent auction on Tuesday at 8 p.m. and a performance by the band, The Dopestra, at 10 p.c.

Wednesday’s party is a celebration for New Yorkers who have stayed for a week or more at the top hotel in the city.

“The Cocktails Party” is one of several events that the hotel will be hosting in the coming months.

The first one was held on February 5.

The hotel is also holding a party on February 17.

“We’re looking forward to seeing all of the New Yorkers that have been here for the past ten years come out and celebrate,” Hotel de Soleil president and co-owner Peter Hänninen said.

Hännin also added that they’re looking for more and more “celebrity” New Yorkers to come out to the party.

“If you want to get a taste of New Yorkers, come out tonight,” he said.

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